Monday, June 20, 2011


Believe it or not women get stuck here too. I used to believe that men and women couldn't be friends and even though I find myself in a platonic relationship I STILL believe that they can't be. The situation is that he wants to be friends but I can't stand it. I'm an all or nothing type of person and I can't stand just getting the piece of himself that he wants to give me. The cold part is that he knows I would drop every dude to make him the one. He's in this relationship and being his friend I get to sit and listen to everything she does wrong. I get to hear him be unhappy and in my heart I just want to be a hater and say how much better I would be for him. I know better than that. There is a reason he stays. He has love for me but he is in love with her. I can't live in this zone though. I can't wait in the wings for something that may never happen. I can't let my feelings boil over in this pot knowing that I will never remove the lid. If I can't be his lover, I won't be his friend. I know I'm selfish. I lose a friend and spare my feelings. Fuck the friend zone.

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